Human Space Travel

NASA unveils the Vertical Assembly Center

Image Credit: NASA/MSFC

Today NASA unveiled the Vertical Assembly Center that they will be using to build the next big rocket they are calling the Space Launch System (SLS). The SLS will be carrying the Orion Capsule which they plan to use to take humans to Mars! The first test flight of the capsule will be done this December.

The following video was published December 2013 talking about the planning for the VAC and what it will be used for.

For those of you that have flown a Challenger Learning Center mission before and you flew to Mars it seemed that it was all science fiction and something that will be done in the distant future but with the unveiling of this Vertical Assembly Center it is one step closer to making a trip to Mars a reality. Here at the Challenger Learning Center in Sacramento we even state that we are going to Mars in the year 2076 but its seems that Mars may be a target for humans much earlier than 2076.

Please join us at the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center the weekend of December 6th and 7th as we celebrate and share with you the test flight of the Orion Capsule!

To stay informed about the SLS and to learn more please go to or follow us on Twitter @SAC_Challenger


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