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Be a NASA Citizen Scientist


You can be a scientist and help NASA study the Earth and its atmosphere. As part of Earth Science Week NASA has asked for everybody to participate in studying the earths clouds. The way that you can help is to go to NASA’s SCOOL website and help identify what kinds of clouds are in your area during the times that a NASA satellite is observing them from above. When you sign up for the program you can get a list of times when a satellite will be observing from above your location and all you need to do is observe the clouds within +/- 15 minutes of that time and then report back to NASA.

NASA does not expect everybody to know everything about clouds and their official names so they give you some resources to help you identify the clouds. You can find plenty of educational resources on the NASA/NOAA Introduction to Clouds page but the helpful tool to identify the types of clouds is the Cloud Identification Chart.

By identifying the clouds you are helping NASA observe the clouds from both above and below at the same time all around the world and together we can help study and learn about the weather.


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