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NASA Mars Student Imaging Project Online Educator Training Summer 2015

Arizona State University Mars Education Program is providing the following training opportunity to educators

Training Opportunity #1
Dates: July 14th – 16th
Times: 12:00pm – 2:00pm (Pacific Time)
Cost: Free!
8 Professional Development Hours

The NASA Mars Education Program will be hosting an in-depth virtual training session for educators that want to learn more about MSIP. This training will take place over a 3 day period, encompassing a total of 8 professional development hours. This is a great time to learn about this new project before the school year begins!Join us in this unique virtual conference environment to learn about this exciting opportunity that engages students in 21st Century learning.
  • Learn how to implement a student-led, transformational project that embeds the nature of science and deep inquiry!
  • Change your students’ understanding of how science really works by letting them become real scientists!
  • “Raise the bar” for all of your students by helping them learn how to formulate research questions!
  • Implement a project that will help your students learn and practice 21st Century Skills, helping them gain competence in areas such as communication, collaboration, working with data, critical thinking and problem solving.

The training is free and you will receive a certificate for 8 professional development clock hours. The prestigious journal – Science Magazine and the AAAS have recognized the Mars Student Imaging Project as one of the top inquiry based learning projects in the United States! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about this amazing minds-on opportunity that is changing the way students learn and do science. This might be your last chance! Join with NASA scientists and transform your classroom into a NASA research lab! Join the Mars team!

To apply to this program go to the ASU website here: Mars Ed at ASU


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