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Dawn Spacecraft approaching Ceres


The Dawn spacecraft has been in orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres since March 2015 but it still has not discovered everything about Ceres. One of the big mysteries of Ceres is the bright spots that are located inside some of the craters on Ceres. As you can see to the right the bright spots inside the newly named Occator Crater. These bright spots have been the center of attention for those following the Dawn mission.

Hopefully soon Dawn will be able to answer the questions we have about these bright spots since it is now approaching its next orbit which is the 3rd science orbit. This next orbit will take spacecraft to an altitude of around 900 miles above the surface of Ceres. Until we have discovered exactly what the bright spots are you are able to cast your vote on what you think they are by clicking the image below:Guess what the bright spots areFor more information about the Dawn spacecraft you can visit the following:





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